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IvPBot v1.1.2 (7 February 2005)
+ FIXED: No duplicated names while detailnames turned off
+ Bots will pick up defuse kit now
+ Bots dont avoid HE Grenades now when friendlyfire turned off
+ Using PM's Steam and non-Steam fix
+ Supported other CS versions that re-packed for Steam
+ Menu command changed from "podbotmenu" to "ivpbotmenu"
+ Fixed Windows installer bug

IvPBot WIP #1 (25 February 2004)
+ FIXED: New round doesn't detected in the latest version of CS 1.6 that cause the bots don't buy anythings
+ FIXED: Those Bots have m249 may have problem to choose their best weapon when camping/hearing enemy footsteps etc...)
+ FIXED: Bomb planting & defusing (this time is clean fix)
+ ADDED: Waypoint menu, access via "waypoint menu" command
+ Editing waypoints in noclip mode can be turn off by type the "waypoint noclip" in console again
+ Tweaked Bot's zooming with sniper weapon

IvPBot v1.1.1 (1 January 2004)
+ FIXED: Sometime crashes with waypoint editor
+ FIXED: Some random crashes
+ FIXED: Wrong selection for buying defuse kit on CS 1.6
+ Bots will use knife to fight when they are totally out of ammos in pistol mode
+ Only smarter bots will avoid flashbang and do smart reloading now
+ Supported CS 1.6 new guns: Galil & Famas :P

IvPBot v1.1.0 (22 November 2003)
+ FIXED: Smart & More reload doesn't works
+ Supported Steam (auto detect)
+ Added Flashbang avoidance

IvPBot v1.0.0 (2 November 2003)
+ FIXED: Compatibility with HLDS
+ FIXED: Hitboxes issues
+ FIXED: Waypoint editor doesn't show the waypoints
+ FIXED: Experience data usage could cause the game to crash
+ FIXED: Bots can't do bomb planting and defusing
+ FIXED: Game will crashes if a hostage following a bots get killed
+ FIXED: Bots having same score when they are re-added after kicked
+ FIXED: Terrorist bots trying to use hostages
+ FIXED: Selection "7" is not selectable in Weapon mode menu
+ FIXED: Bots will use primary weapon in pistol mode (if they have it)
+ FIXED: Agressive bots ([P*D]) won't attack with knife
+ FIXED: Bots doesn't zoom back to normal mode when they are using zoomable sniper rifles
+ FIXED: "Round draw" bugs when kicking bots
+ FIXED: Waypoint Editor could cause the game to crash
+ FIXED: Bots doesn't aim to the correct direction on the first round
+ FIXED: Bots use knife instead of other weapons on the first round
+ New command: "weaponmode 1-7" for both dedicated and listen server which will force the bot to use some type of weapon only
+ Removed vistable messages
+ Bots returning "0" as there id for compatibility with hlstats software
+ Sniper bots stand still when shooting
+ Listen server could choose the personality for new bots (Agressive, Normal and Defensive) via the bot menu
+ Bots will attack through teammate's body when friendlyfire is turned off
+ Smart & more reloading
+ Bots will move while buying
+ Bots switching to pistol after they finished buying
+ Bots doesn't stand to wait for reply when using some of radio commands
+ Bots use secondary attack instead of primary attack when using knife
+ Auto kick bots when adding/deleting waypoints or path to prevent crashes
+ Bots will only avoid HE grenade only now
+ Bots won't blind when they saw smoke grenades
+ Tweaked bot's aiming a bit

PODBot v2.6
+ FIXED: Borg Mode and added extra Borg Cam
+ FIXED: Misc Bugs when attacking
+ FIXED: Bots switching to next Weapon when only Ammo in current Clip
+ FIXED: Duck/Jumping Bug
+ FIXED: About 3 MB of Memory/Resource Leaks :)
+ Rewrote func type handling, especially buttons
+ Aiming now affected by Enemy Velocity & Bot Turns
+ Bots continue their Tasks if no direct Path to Enemy
+ CT Bots low on health (or 50% Probability) guard a dropped C4
+ Rewrote Startup Routines which previously caused the stupid jumping
+ Smarter Grenade Usage
+ Correct FOV for each Weapon & Sniping Mode
+ New Zoom Switching allows better sniping weapon usage
+ Changes in the Behaviour Code - Bots try to go for Cover faster
+ Misc changes to the statistics system - depending on Emotions
+ Bots may camp instead of moving to dangerous positions
+ Bots don't move in Intermission
+ Bots leave their camping/hiding position if they get hurt by
unusual damage like drowning or gas


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